Fiber Sources   

In 2010 Margot Becker moved to the Hudson Valley on a mission to truly understand and participate in the full process of textile creation from the very beginning to the finished piece.  She has spent the last 6 years personally working with the fine wool sheep and angora goats at Buckwheat Bridge Angoras where she assists in the entire process, from birthing lambs and kids, to shearing, to working in their solar and wind powered mill to create the small batches of yarn that she then weaves into one of a kind pieces.  In 2013 she started keeping her own Angora rabbits whose fiber she gently gathers over the year to spin into special addition yarns.  Transparency, honesty and kindness guide her fiber choices and is essential to the Margot Handwoven identity.



Fine Wool & Mohair : Buckwheat Bridge Angoras : Elizaville, NY

Cashmere : Springtide Farm : Bremen, ME

Cotton & Linen : Bockens Garner : Forsa, SWEDEN

angora : Nora and Cardamom live with Margot in Hudson, NY.