This two day workshop explored the process of textile creation from the very beginning.  Weavers Dee Clements and Margot Becker partnered with the fiber farm Buckwheat Bridge Angoras to offer this Fiber to Textile weekend retreat.  We had a great full day on the farm, meeting the animals, seeing sheep shearing demos, and processing our own fiber in the solar and wind powered fiber mill.  We then learned how to use our new drop spindles to hand spin the roving we made ourselves.  The second day was a full studio day in the town of Hudson, NY at Drop Forge and Tool where we learned how to weave our homespun yarn into a beautiful textile on portable lap looms. 


Farm to Textile Weekend Retreat :

Hudson, NY

May 20 - 21, 2017



Full Process

Chicago, IL.


In this fiber to textile workshop Dee and Margot presented their students with the tools and skills needed to create textile art pieces from scratch.  The morning was spent learning how to spin wool into yarn on a drop spindle, a simple and ancient tool.  Working with a variety of natural fibers and experimenting with wool, mohair and angora students created their own unique skeins of yarn.  We will then used those skeins, other yarns, and roving to learn the fundamentals of tapestry weaving.